His cousin says he was arrested for maintaining contact with family members who fled the region.

Thousands Rally in Indonesia to Protest China’s Crackdown on Uyghur Muslims

Protestors criticize Indonesian government for not being assertive enough over China’s Treatment of the Uyghurs.

Popular Uyghur Comedian Disappears, Believed Detained

Adil Mijit vanished in early November after recovering in a hospital following heart surgery.

Calls Mount for Indonesia to Speak Out on China’s Treatment of Uyghurs

China is treading between respecting human rights and fighting extremism, Indonesian vice president says.

Xinjiang Authorities Arrest Uyghur Court Official Who Denounced Political Re-education Camps

Ghalip Qurban filed grievances with the central government and was arrested on his return to the XUAR.

Popular Uyghur Singer And Parents Held in Xinjiang Political Re-education Camp

Zahirshah Ablimit and his parents had travelled to Turkey before their detention last year.

Prominent Uyghur Muslim Cleric Believed Dead After Nearly 30 Years in Xinjiang Prison

Abdukerim Abduweli’s case has been routinely raised with China by rights groups and Western governments.

Czech and Slovak Scholars, Public Figures Call on China to Close Political Re-education Camps in Xinjiang

The group also urges Beijing to observe human rights, on the anniversary of a UN rights declaration.

Xinjiang Authorities ‘Preparing’ Re-education Camps Ahead of Expected International Monitors

Security measures are removed and residents are warned to refrain from speaking about the facilities.

Uyghur Scholar Arrested Over Politically Sensitive Book

Gheyret Abdurahman joins four others arrested from the Academy of Social Sciences of Xinjiang in recent crackdowns.

Rights Groups Urge Global Pressure on China Over Abuse of Uyghurs on Anniversary of UN Rights Declaration

They say China is a ‘significant exception’ in the advancement of human rights since the declaration was enacted.

Xinjiang Authorities Holding Hundreds From Kyrgyz Village in ‘Political’ Re-education Camps

Around one-fifth of the population is detained for ‘inappropriate phone content’ and ‘misdemeanors.’

Xinjiang Authorities Arrest Leading Kyrgyz Historian For ‘Undecided’ Crime

Askar Yunus had published work about the golden era of his ethnic group’s history.

China Threatens Retaliation if US Applies Sanctions Over Uyghur Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

Observers dismiss the warning and say China uses terrorism as a pretext to clamp down on the region.

Elderly Former Editor of Uyghur Publishing House Jailed Over ‘Problematic’ Books, Speech

Haji Mirzahid Kerimi was sentenced to 11 years, despite a serious health condition.

Veteran Editor of Uyghur Publishing House Among 14 Staff Members Held Over ‘Problematic Books’

Memetjan Abliz Boriyar had approved more than 100 books later blacklisted by the government.

Xinjiang Authorities Sentence Uyghur Philanthropist to Death For Unsanctioned Hajj

Abdughapar Abdurusul’s wife is believed to have died in detention and his eldest son is missing.

Xinjiang Authorities Demand Suspected ‘Terrorists’ Turn Themselves in to Receive ‘Leniency’

Among the crimes listed are ‘buying maps’ and ‘refusing to watch state television.’

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