Prominent Rakhine residents and ordinary citizens in the western state are riled up over statements about the Arakan Army.

Rakhine Insurgents Kill 13 Policemen, Injure Nine Others in Myanmar Outpost Attacks

The attacks by the Arakan Army on the country's Independence Day are the latest act of violence to hit the restive state.

Karen National Union Says Myanmar Peace Process is Moving in The Wrong Direction

KNU criticism comes as fighting involving different ethnic armies displaces hundreds in remote corners of the country.

India Deports Five Rohingya to Myanmar

The group is the second small batch of Rohingya Muslims expelled by India since October 2018.

New Year Opens With Fighting, Attack on Top Official in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

The Arakan Army denies it carried out a failed mine attack on the Rakhine chief minister’s convoy.

Old Cases of Abuse in Myanmar’s Catholic Church Come to Light, Prompting Guidelines for Clergy

A Catholic priest in the Southeast Asian country cites a ‘lack of knowledge’ about handling the issue.

Kachin Political Leaders Discuss Myanmar Peace, Dam Project With Chinese Ambassador

China is acting out of self-interest in the name of the country’s Belt and Road Initiative, one party chairman says.

Myanmar Press Council Demands Military Provide Contacts For Journalists Covering Conflict

The move comes after the armed forces said it will take legal action against news outlets that fail to confirm information.

Residents Call For End to Mining Activities in Myanmar’s Kachin State

They say that chemical waste from the operations has polluted water resources, killed livestock, and damaged farmland.

Myanmar Army Accused of Detaining Civilians Amid Clashes With Ethnic Forces

They say government soldiers are questioning residents accused of supporting the rebel Arakan Army.

Myanmar Army Shuts Down Border Crossing to China, Stranding Hundreds of Trucks

Fruit farmers and seafood exporters say they have lost significant amounts of money because of the closure.

Myanmar Military Shifts Control of Drug Treatment Centers to Civilian-led Government

The armed forces will also relinquish control of the General Administration Department, the country’s ‘administrative backbone.’

Myanmar Military Declares Four-Month Cease-fire in Shan, Kachin Conflict Zones

Unilateral move by the army wins guarded welcome in the country's north and northeast regions, but does not cover Rakhine state, where fighting still rages.

Myanmar Forces Begin New ‘Clearance Operations’ in Northern Rakhine Following Killings

Ethnic Rakhine locals believe that Rohingya Muslims are carrying out attacks on individuals.

Investigation Finds Few Cases in Which Rohingya Received Improper Myanmar ID Cards

A political party representing Kamans, a Muslim ethnic minority, complained of widespread errors.

Facebook Removes More Pages And Groups Linked to Myanmar Military

The social media giant cites misrepresentation as the reason for the take-downs.

Collapse of Bridge in Northern Myanmar Severs Key Route For China Trade

Travelers stranded as trucks overloaded with rare earth mineral ore send bridge tumbling into a river.

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