They fear displacement from their land and homes as plans proceed for a tourist zone in scenic Vang Vieng.

Lao Christians Celebrate the Christmas Holiday Under State Scrutiny

Meanwhile, Christians living in remote areas of the country are harassed and expelled from their homes by local officials.

Corruption Still Rife in Laos Despite Continued Crackdown Efforts

Government identifies and punishes countless cases of corruption, yet Laos falls in transparency index

State-Ordered Donations in Laos 'Not Needed,' But Money Not Returned

Complaints on social media force one district to retreat from its demands for cash, sources say.

Wife of Sombath Somphone Calls Again on Laos for Answers to His Disappearance

Six years have passed since the popular rural development expert and land rights advocate vanished at a police checkpoint outside Vientiane.

Lao Prisoner Pardons Leave Political Detainees Behind Bars

Political prisoners are never amnestied, as their crimes are considered more serious than other offenses, Lao sources say.

Lao Dam Collapse Creates Hardship for Student Far From Floodwaters

Student in capital struggles after flood condemned her once well-off family to poverty

Chemicals Dumped in River Kill Fish in Laos

Villagers are warned not to use water or eat fish taken from the river pending an investigation.

Chinese-Owned Cement Factories Pollute Lao Villages

About 900 families in Vang Vieng district suffer in smog and dust

Government Fails in Promise to Deliver Assistance to Victims of Laos Dam Burst

Survivors have not received living stipends over past two months.

Laos Jails ‘Pyramid Scheme’ Company Owners For 15 Years

The two co-owners had defrauded hundreds of Lao investors of thousands of dollars in personal savings.

Lax Investment Law Enforcement in Laos Brings Flood of Small Chinese Businesses

One official says merchants from China bribe local authorities, bend rules, and evade taxes.

Lao Woman’s Ordeal Highlights Growing Trafficking Problem as Workers Seek Better Jobs in Thailand

‘Phinh’s’ Thai employer physically abused her while she was working illegally as a maid.

More Southeast Asian Dam Disasters Likely Unless Funders Ensure Higher Standards

Experts say corners are cut as Laos and its neighbors rush to draw investment.

Runoff From Railway Project Pollutes River in Lao Tourist Destination

Residents of Vang Vieng district want officials to test the water in the Xong River for possible contamination.

53 Lao Women and Girls Rounded Up in Karaoke Bar Raid in Southern Thailand

Three of the 53 females who were detained were minors with falsified ages on their IDs, officials said.

Rights Group Demands Transparency in Case Against 10 Lao Villagers Jailed Over Land Dispute

Meanwhile, observers slam a revised land law they say fails to protect the rights of ordinary Laotians.

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