Chen Wuquan is handed the sentence after helping local people protest against a planned land reclamation project.

Chinese Mark Passing of Late, Ousted Liberal Premier Amid Tight Security

Well-wishers and supporters of late premier Zhao Ziyang are detained as they try to pay their respects at his family home in Beijing.

Philippine Defense Chief Eyes Subic Bay Amid Chinese Takeover Fears

Subic Bay was home to a sprawling U.S. navy base during the Cold War.

Taiwan Holds Live-Fire Military Drills as 80 Percent Reject Chinese Rule

A Pentagon report says China's People's Liberation Army is rapidly developing 'a robust, lethal force' that will allow Beijing to 'impose its will' in the region.

Philippines Turns Over to Beijing Ex-Chinese Govt Official Wanted for Graft

Xie Haojie is wanted for economic crimes involving $210 M

Family Doubt Official Cause of Death For Chinese Petitioner Who Died in Detention

The son of Shenyang petitioner Liu Zhen is incommunicado after raising doubts about the cause of his father's death on social media.

Police Raid Legal Consultancy 'Club' Founded by Disbarred Chinese Lawyers

The club has been designated an 'illegal organization,' amid fears that arrests could follow.

China's Death Sentence For Canadian Prompts Protest, Warnings

Robert Schellenberg has said he will appeal the sentence, which was handed down following a retrial ordered in the wake of Meng Wanzhou's arrest.

France, Germany Give Rights Prize to Detained Chinese Lawyer

The wife of Yu Wensheng, who has been held incommunicado for a year on suspicion of 'subversion,' receives the prize in his absence.

China Jails Activist Over 'Down With The Communist Party!' Toilet Graffiti

Ji Xiaolong is sentenced to three-and-a-half years after complaining about indefinite rule by China's president.

Ailing Activist Huang Qi Tried in Secret in China's Sichuan

Police detain and place under house arrest dozens of would-be supporters and fellow activists, cordoning off the court building.

China Turns Away Jailed Dissident's Canadian Daughter

Ti-Anna Wang and her family are turned away at the airport in spite of obtaining a valid visa, amid an ongoing diplomatic row over Huawei.

China Extends United Front Work to Teachers in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

The Chinese Communist Party is hoping that teachers from the former colonies and the democratic island of Taiwan will pledge to uphold its rule.

Chinese Officials Probe Mongolian-Language High School After Flag Outrage

Ethnic Mongolians fear the ruling Chinese Communist Party is about to begin a new 'wave of persecution' in the region.

Wives of Detained Chinese Lawyers Meet With Foreign Diplomats

Wang Quanzhang's wife says she fears for his health and safety after more than three years of pretrial detention.

Children Suffer Brain Damage From Seasonal Flu in China's Guangdong

Local newspaper reports several cases of brain damage in children fighting influenza in the provincial capital, Guangzhou.

Hong Kong Abandons Further Democratic Reform as China Tightens Grip

Officials move ahead with plans to criminalize any 'insult' to China's national anthem, without specifying which situations could result in prosecution.

More Than 80 Percent of Taiwanese Reject China's 'Unification' Plan

President Tsai Ing-wen's insistence that Beijing respect the island's democracy and statehood also wins widespread favor.

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