Controversial clandestine unit sows fear as Beijing's anti-corruption sweep rolls up dissidents outside the nation's borders

China Jails Three Activists For Video 'Mocking' President Xi Jinping

A social media clip made by the activists was judged to have 'insulted' a Chinese leader, leading to 20-month jail terms.

China 'Offered to Spy' on Hong Kong-Based Journalists With The Wall Street Journal

Freshly leaked documents indicate that Chinese officials thought nothing of bugging and surveilling the paper's journalists in violation of Hong Kong's promised autonomy.

China Actively Targeting Internet Users For Browsing Overseas Websites, Social Media

Police are handing out administrative punishments for 'using illegal channels to access the international internet.'

China Plans to 'Sinicize' Islam as Muslims Warn of Eradication Campaign

The government-backed Islamic Association says the religion must be compatible with President Xi Jinping's political thought.

China Detained 13 Canadians After Huawei Executive's Arrest

Chinese commentators say the detentions indicate Beijing could be engaging in 'hostage diplomacy.'

Half of Hong Kong's Young People Plan to Live Elsewhere: Poll

One-third of respondents overall said they intend to emigrate, with nearly 16 percent already preparing to leave.

Chinese Envoy Hopes for ‘Win-Win’ in Talks over Stalled Malaysian Rail Project

Malaysia’s prime minister, who stopped the project last year, says it might be revived on a smaller scale.

Indonesia Freezes Taiwan Intern Program after Report Alleges Mistreatment of Students

Legislator alleges students, including Muslims, were forced to work in factories and were fed pork.

China to Ban 'Harmful' Apps From Primary Schools to College Campuses

Schools and teachers are ordered to check students' smartphones for content, links, or functions that could 'violate educational rules.'

Wife of Detained Rights Lawyer Rejects Blame From China's Top Prosecutor

Wang Quanzhang's wife says the authorities are to blame for illegally holding him for three-and-a-half years without access to a lawyer.

Taiwan Rejects Beijing's 'Unification' Plan, Calls on China to Democratize

Political commentators react with warnings about the erosion of Hong Kong's promised autonomy, rights and freedoms by Beijing.

Hong Kong Protest Group Hits Back at Criticism of Pro-Independence Banners

Hong Kong's government bans 'activities promoting or advocating' independence for the city from a square outside its headquarters.

Businesses in China's Xinjiang Use Forced Labor Linked to Camp System

Several ethnic Kazakh women have been returned to a "re-education" camp after refusing to sign exploitative contracts in a textile factory.

Thousands Call For Reform, Protest 'Suppression' in Hong Kong on New Year's Day

The march comes as dozens of overseas Chinese dissidents call on the world to wake up its memories of the 1989 pro-democracy movement on Tiananmen Square.

China Holding More Than 800 Political Prisoners in 2018: Report

Rights groups highlight incommunicado detention, the risk of torture, and the mass incarceration of Muslims in camps as areas of particular concern.

Dozens Detained As Muslims Resist Mosque Closures in China's Yunnan

More than 100 riot police descend on three independently run mosques in Yunnan's Weishan county, clashing with local Muslims who tried to resist.

Marxist Students Detained, Manhandled by Security Guards at Peking University

Students are targeted after protesting the 'reorganization' of their group by school authorities, a Maoist group says.

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