Treatment and schooling are scarce for the estimated 60,000 HIV-positive children in Ho Chi Minh City.

Cambodia Allows Ceremony for Murdered Union Leader, But Blocks March

Former CNRP members barred from politics may not take part, Cambodian authorities say.

Court in China's Guangdong Jails Human Rights Lawyer For Five Years

Chen Wuquan is handed the sentence after helping local people protest against a planned land reclamation project.

North Koreans Struggle to Fulfill Daily Human Manure Quotas

No relief for citizens who must either find 100 kg of feces a day or pay a fine.

'Tang Jingling Would Have Fought For Vaccine Victims, But He's in Jail'

Wang Yanfang, wife of a detained rights attorney, says people like her husband are jailed instead of being praised for their work.

Hong Kong Trade Unions Call For Release of Jasic Activists

More than 30 Maoist activists, former Jasic workers, and NGO staff are being held, some on criminal charges, since a crackdown began last July.

EU to Tax Cambodian, Myanmar Rice After Probe Finds Import Increases Hurt Local Producers

Imports from the two nations had nearly doubled in the past five years, while prices declined.

Bangladesh: 1,300 Rohingya Have Come from India Since Early December

At least one pair of newcomers said they left India out of fear of being deported to Myanmar.

Lao Protest Villager Freed, 10 Still Held

The villager was one of a group detained for protesting the seizure of their land for use by a Vietnamese rubber company.

Displaced Residents in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City Brushed Aside by Government

Victims of forced eviction in the Loc Hung community sent a petition to three government offices but were rejected by two.

Myanmar Has Returned More Than 1,700 Child Soldiers Home to Date, Defense Ministry Official Says

Those guilty of recruiting or deploying children are being demoted and sent to military or civilian prisons.


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