China has jailed or detained more than a million Uyghurs in “re-education camps” throughout northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Chinese authorities accuse them of harboring “strong religious views” and “politically incorrect” ideas. This map shows the camps that RFA has identified.

Human Trafficking in China: By the Numbers

A U.S State Department report says China fails to meet minimum standards for protecting against human trafficking.

Mekong Dams a Threat to Food Security

A report by the Mekong River Commission found that the river would lose 900,000 tons of fish biomass by 2040.

Cambodia’s Media Crackdown: By The Numbers

In recent years, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government has attacked critics, including activists, rights monitors, opposition lawmakers and the media.

Phnom Penh’s Iconic White Building Set For Demolition

Just days before its planned demolition by the government on July 17, 2017, almost ninety-nine percent of the 493 families had left Phnom Penh’s iconic White Building after they agreed to sell their dilapidated apartments at a price of $1,400 dollars per square meter—a controversial level of compensation set by Minister of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction Chea Sophara.

Cambodia’s Lower Sesan II Hydropower Dam prior to its initial test release

This series of photographs of Lower Sesan II Hydropower Dam in Cambodia’s Stung Treng province were taken on July 14, 2017—the day before its first test run. Groundbreaking began in 2014, but nearly 200 families, remain defiant in their refusal to vacate the area, despite warnings their village could be inundated. Residents want the operator to delay the testing for a period of one month so that they can address the villagers’ demands for compensation and humanitarian assistance from relevant stakeholders.

China: Ailing Political Prisoner Haunts President Xi Jinping's Hong Kong Visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping, visiting Hong Kong to mark 20 years of rule by China, was met on arrival in the former British colony on June 29 with calls to release writer and democracy activist Liu Xiaobo. Liu, 61, is being treated at a hospital in northeastern China, following a diagnosis of late-stage liver cancer. Liu was already in jail when he was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China" in a decision that infuriated Beijing, which put his wife under strict house arrest.

China: Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo Hospitalized with Terminal Liver Cancer

Chinese writer and democracy activist Liu, 61, is currently being treated at a hospital in Liaoning's provincial capital Shenyang, his lawyer told RFA, following a diagnosis of late-stage liver cancer little more than a month ago. Liu was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China" in a decision that infuriated Beijing, which says he has broken Chinese law.

China's Climate Change Migration

Ecological migrants are people who are forced to leave their homes due to various impacts of climate change (flooding, land degradation, extreme weather).

China: Death of U.S. Student Jailed in North Korea ‘Unfortunate’

U.S. student Otto Warmbier died Monday, days after he was sent home in a coma from prison in North Korea. In a posting on Twitter, U.S. President Donald Trump thanked China for attempting to resolve tensions with North Korea, but declared that Beijing's "efforts" had failed. China is North Korea’s closest ally.

Cambodians Head to the Polls for Local Elections

Slightly more than 7 million Cambodians, or nearly 90 percent of registered voters, turned out for commune council polls on June 4, 2017—a record turnout in a test of public opinion ahead of 2018 general elections.

2017 World Press Freedom Index

Infographic data showing the number of imprisoned journalists for each country. The graphic depicts the levels of persecution against journalism.

Vietnam Farmers Barricade Commune Amid Standoff With Authorities

The farmers have held several police and officials captive since an April 15 clash over land.

Demolition Of Larung Gar

Larung Gar, one of the world’s largest centers for the study of Tibetan Buddhism, is under threat from Chinese authorities. This visual guide tracks the history of Larung Gar, and looks ahead to its uncertain future.

The Plight of the Rohingya

A visual guide to the ongoing struggles of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim minority. Human rights groups have called the Rohingya 'one of the most persecuted minorities on earth.'

Crowds Turn Out in India for Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra Empowerment

The ceremony is now conducted outside Tibet by the Dalai Lama, who escaped into exile in India in 1959 following a failed national uprising against Chinese rule.

Infographic: The Controversial Laos-China Railway

Work has begun on the U.S. $6 billion project, but questions linger over who will get the jobs and how much people displaced by the construction will get paid.

Dalai Lama Addresses Tens of Thousands at Major Buddhist Gathering

The Tibetan spiritual leader spoke ahead of this year’s Kalachakra empowerment in Bodh Gaya, India, the site of the historical Buddha’s enlightment.

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